Commissioners and Officers

President:           Steve Tatom

Vice Pres.:       Pam McGregor 

Secretary:      Joanne Hanifan

Treasurer:           Bucky Brady

Ass't.Treasurer:  Bob Childress

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Burnet County Emergency Services District #3
Burnet County Emergency Services District #3

Mission Statement

The Burnet County Emergency Service District #3, approved in 2012 by the voters within the District, is a taxing District established to provide emergency fire services to the residents of the District.  Governed by a Board of Commissioners who are appointed by the County Court, the Commissioners will provide emergency fire services by:

  1. Establishing a tax rate each year for the District that adequately reflects the anticipated expenses in providing emergency fire services, and other related expenses, e.g. topic specific contracts, training, and emergency reserve, in compliance with the applicable State laws and regulations;
  2. Provide emergency fire services by contracting services with an established fire department or managing and operating a fire service provider, and working with the provider to improve the quality of emergency services;
  3. Providing funds to advance the level of service through continuing education, enhancements to  firefighting abilities, and gathering of information through contracts or in-house resources to improve the knowledge of the District;
  4. Maintaining a reserve fund, such that the District can withstand significant loss of income as a result of a disaster (e.g. Bastrop ESDs’ loss of income due to the fire of 2011), provide for replacement equipment lost in a major fire incident in whole or in part, meet unanticipated needs during a fiscal year, and meet the State rules and regulations;
  5. Conducting all meetings and maintaining District files in a manner that meets or exceeds State rules and regulations for being open and accessible to the public, and maintaining communications with the public utilizing appropriate available media;
  6. Reviewing this statement at the beginning of each fiscal year to determine as to its continued applicability, and making changes, additions and modifications as needed.
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